16 May 2010

AC/DC Joins the NEVЯLAND Soundtrack

Another theme song for the NEVЯLAND Soundtrack: AC/DC's "Highway to Hell".

This version features the original AC/DC singer and was one of my favorite headbanging songs way back in 1979--when I was but a lad of 24!

I'm still that lad, and I'm still headbanging--it's cool feeling my brain sloshing against the sides of my skull!

Do you have a suggestion for the NEVЯLAND Soundtrack?

Send it to me.

I've already got "The End" by The Doors along with "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC.

The song doesn't have to be a death song, a metal song, or a headbanger.

Just a song you think would be a part of the NEVЯLAND Soundtrack.

See on the bookshelves--and in the music stores!

Larry Mike

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