24 May 2010

Building My Own Frankenstein

NEVЯLAND has taken on a life of its own. As I progress on this Work-in-Progress, a momentum I hadn't expected has started moving the story forward.

In one week, the
NEVЯLAND Facebook Group grew to 266 members. We're now sitting at 271. The goal is to reach 1,000 by August.

To promote a personal interest in the story, I address members as NEVЯLANDers. If fact, the first fifty to join the NEVЯLAND Facebook Group have been given special privileges and deals. I'll offering similar privileges and deals when I reach the first 500.

I've also started publishing the Junebug Journal. Each edition will have news about the children and how they are handling the story. I'll introduce characters, some major, some minor, and some who will appear only in the Journal's weekly articles.

My intent is allow the first readers to be as much a part of the story and the process of writing the tale as the characters are.

Although I know many writing friends who would think my approach is crazy--to put my first drafts out for the world to see in all their naked primordial glory--would be crazy or suicide or both.

One of my writer's superstitions had been keeping my projects Top Secret.

I've changed that.

I've discovered I like to talk out my ideas, to get feedback and reactions, to measure the quality of the tale.

I don't mean that I'm going to apply all the suggestions the first readers send my way--but, feedback is feedback, and I'll glean the constructive ones out of the silly ones.

I'm building my own Frankenstein Creature.

But, unlike poor, stupid Victor, I'm not going to abandon my Creation--my Creation won't become a Daemon.

Rather, I will be the good father and make sure NEVЯLAND is raised as it should be--with discipline, care, and love.

See you on the bookshelves.

Larry Mike

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